Vicki Foley Talent & Models, handles trade shows/tours, a promotions division provides models, promotional personnel, and emcees for events nationwide. Duties include but are not limited to: Models, product sampling, mall tours, college campus events, beverage & tobacco campaigns, concerts, Air Shows, NBA, NFL, and NHL Games, and many more! NASCAR, Spring Break, Bike Week, in-store automotive sales, trade shows and film projects are specialties of Vicki Foley Talent & Models has bi-lingual talent in all locations.



Vicki Foley Talent & Models has over 20 years of experience in event staffing and management. Owner, Vicki Foley, started her career as the International Pageant Director for Hawaiian Tropic, her first client was the owner of Hawaiian Tropic - she produced his $1,000,000 star studded wedding.  We can provide talent and staff in areas ranging from a small retail store to the Los Angeles Convention Center while we maintain a high standard of excellence, thoroughly screening all talent before hiring to ensure a high quality of attractiveness, personality, and work ethic. In booking your event, we dedicate not only one account executive, but the rest of the office to your needs! An account executive will handle your event from start to finish, so whomever you speak with will always be able to provide answers and assistance.  From BIKINI CLAD models to the guy/girl next door, we have you covered! 

We do realize that every event can run into problems before, during, or after activation. To counter any roadblocks, Vicki Foley Talent & Modelsensures that a member of the office is on-call 24/7 and always available! We have a STRICT 0 tolerance for no-shows, and will accommodate requests for change of staff. Back-ups are kept on-call during all events. You may also opt for a customized "back-up plan", which can be discussed with your account executive.

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Ready to staff? CallVicki Foley Talent & Models at (386) 676-2223 or email us at for rates and assistance. We look forward to working with you and helping you create a successful event!   

Interested in becoming a part of the Vicki Foley Talent & Models team? Please email with your location, resume, phone number, and at least 2 updated/current pictures including both snapshots and any professional photos you may have. 

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